06: Milk VS. Plant Based Milk (Mylk)

Plant based milk beverages are on the rise! While the dairy industry claims to be reducing their carbon footprint and continue to market the need for milk as part of our daily diet. This episode we take a look at how dairy and plant based milks effect the environment and how healthy they really are… Continue reading 06: Milk VS. Plant Based Milk (Mylk)

04: Canada’s New Food Guide

Image from https://food-guide.canada.ca This episode is a quick overview of Canada's new food guide. I go over the main tips on what foods you should eat, what to avoid, and being mindful of your eating habits. https://api.spreaker.com/v2/episodes/18026063/download.mp3 Resources: Canada's Food Guide 6 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating History of Canada's Food Guide

03: Where is your Mind? An Introduction to Mindfulness with Alayna Fender

My friend Alayna Fender is a Mindfulness Self-Compassion Teacher. We have a conversation about what mindfulness is and isn't and how you can introduce mindfulness into your own daily routine. https://api.spreaker.com/v2/episodes/17548349/download.mp3 Find Alayna Online: The Other Side of Overwhelm YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MissFenderr Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/missfenderr   Twitter: https://twitter.com/missfenderr Mindful/ Meditation Apps: Calm Insight Timer Headspace

Herb Spiral

02: Food Not Lawns

What is permaculture? How can I get involved? I explain all of that in this episode of Sprout Out Loud! Turn your lawn into a productive food forest! https://api.spreaker.com/v2/episodes/17257801/download.mp3 Referenced:Nature Is Speaking  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI9wMtTvWps Greening the Desert Project - Celebrating 10 Years Online Learning Material:Geoff Lawton OnlinePermaculture Principles Canadian Permaculture Organizations: British ColumbiaOUR EcovillageKootany Permaculture InstitutePermaculture… Continue reading 02: Food Not Lawns